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King Soopers Community Cards

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Rocky Mountain Fever Basketball Club
King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program

How it works:

  • Everyone needs groceries and gasoline.  When you shop at King Soopers and use a King Soopers Rewards Card, you are earning 5% that can be applied to your Fever program fees.  For example, if you have loaded $500 on your rewards card, you may use your card to purchase $500 worth of groceries and gasoline.  $25 (5%) will be applied towards your Fever program fees.
  • Fever families will receive 5% cash back that will be applied to their Fever program fees.  If your family spends $1000 on groceries and gasoline each month, you are earning $50 to be applied towards your fees.
  • Parents can purchase their KS Rewards Card from the Fever Office, the parent meeting, or at a practice.  Please send an email to if you would like to purchase a KS Reward Card.
  • Don’t forget, your KS Reward Card can be reloaded.  DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR KS REWARD CARD WHEN THE BALANCE REACHES zero.
  • The KS rewards card can be re-loaded at the service desk or cash register at any King Soopers in any amount up to $500 each time you need to put additional money on your card.
  • Gift cards may be used to purchase virtually anything at King Soopers, except services. Services include Western Union, Money Orders, Ticket Master, Postage Stamps, Lottery Tickets, and other Gift Cards. This includes all Gift Cards from the Gift Card Mall.
  • King Soopers Gift Cards function just like cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • A card can be reloaded for any amount up to $500 and can be used indefinitely
  • The bearer of the card will be responsible for reloading their card by telling the cashier that they would like to add money to their gift card. After that transaction is paid for, their purchases are rung up and paid for using the King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Fundraising Gift Card.