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What You Will Find In The Program Details Article

Program Overview

The Rocky Mountain Fever Basketball Club offers boys in 4th through 11th grade opportunities to play across three seasons; spring/summer, fall, and winter.    As an organization, we believe players develop to their fullest potential when there is consistency across multiple seasons playing with many of the same players.  Fever encourages players to play more than one season each year.  For example, some of our players may play during the fall and winter seasons only.  Other players may choose winter season and summer season only, while many participate across all three seasons.   

All of that being said,  Fever encourages players at younger ages to participate in multiple sports and discourages sports specialization.  There is an overwhelming amount of evidence indicating that young boys and girls who participate in a variety of activities are happier, have fewer sports related overuse injuries, and participate in youth sports until later ages than kids who specialize in only one sport.

Tryouts are offered three times a year; March, late August/early September, and late October/early November.  The goal of our tryouts is to form 1 to 3 teams per age group, with 9 to 10 players per team.  We will do our best to organize boys teams in grades 4 through 11 (10U to 17U).   For our spring/summer season, each team may be assigned a head coach and assistant coach.  During our fall and winter seasons, teams are assigned a head coach.  At some age levels, teams may practice  separately or in dual team practice sessions.  Especially during the spring/summer season, Fever finds great value in having teams at similar ability and/or age levels practicing together. 

Fever Coaches reserve the right to move players to different teams within the same age level at the conclusion of each season.  Those decisions are based on player ability, specific position needs for teams, and other circumstances.  Coaches will communicate changes to parents in advance of the beginning of the upcoming season.  Ultimately, these decisions are made with the player's and the team's best interests in mind.  We try and balance placing athletes in a position to be challenged while being successful, and forming teams that are competitive within the level they compete.



Fever Basketball fees are based on several variables.  The number of teams formed, tournament costs, practice facility costs, and changes to administrative costs may influence our fees.

  If you compare our fees to other competitive club sports programs, you will find that Fever is competitively priced with any club sports program or enrichment activity.  Some Fever teams may choose to register for additional tournaments and/or leagues and may also choose to select a tournament that requires overnight travel. These costs are not included in our estimate.

  For the fall and winter seasons, the cost of a uniform will be approximately $99 and will include a shooting shirt, reversible jersey, and shorts.  

Please see the What's Included section below for a more detailed breakdown of costs.  

Variables that influence pricing include:

  • How many and which tournaments/leagues teams are entered into 
  • Total number of Fever teams formed (administrative and insurance costs are split by the total number of Fever teams)
  • Total number of players on the team (in the past, we have had teams with as few as 8 players and as many as 12 players)  Our team budgets are based on 9 players per team.

Please visit our Fever Costs FAQ Page to see some of the questions we commonly receive from families new to Fever.

What Is Included In The Fee?

Spring / Summer (April -July) Base Package includes:

  • **20 to 25 Total Practices  - 90 Minute Duration
  •  6 Tournaments in May, June and July (Denver Metro / Northern Colorado)  The top team at the older age levels may participate in travel tournaments.  There may be additional travel costs associated with travel tournaments that will be communicated with families in advance.
  • Coaches Compensation
  • All administrative and insurance costs
  • Mobile Phone App and Website access with practice/game schedules and gym locations

Fall/Winter (September - mid March) Base Package includes:

  • **40 to 50 Total Practices – 90 Minute Duration
  • 1 Fall League Team Entry Fee
  • 1 Winter League Team Entry Fee
  • Coaches Compensation
  • All administrative and insurance costs
  • Mobile Phone App and Website access with practice/game schedules and gym locations

** There are several variables that can influence the number of practices offered during a season including holidays, weather related closures, tournament and league scheduling, and coach/player availability.  Practice totals are estimates only.

Please note that teams that are formed with 8 or fewer players will be charged additional fees.  Our budget is based on teams organized of 9 players or more.

Please note that teams competing at our older age levels may choose to travel to tournaments outside of our state.  Additional travel fees may be charged for teams traveling out-of-state to compete in tournaments.

Additional Add-ons

  • Coaches and/or participating families may also decide to add optional tournaments ($35 to $50 each per player) and/or leagues to the schedule.  If a player signs up for one of these options, entry fees will be split by the total number of players participating in the optional event.  Players who choose not to participate in the optional events do not pay for these events.
  • Teams may also choose to participate in a league or tournament in place of scheduled practices.  Those decisions will be made by Fever staff, coaches, and parents and can have an impact on the cost to participate.

When Do Fever Teams Play?

Rocky Mountain Fever Basketball offers families several options to play competitive basketball.  We have tried to create options keeping in mind the different levels of interest in basketball and participation in other sports.

  • The option to play basketball year-round.  Fever team tryouts are scheduled in March, August, and November.  Players who are invited to play on a summer team will be asked to tryout again in August.  Players invited to play at our fall tryouts have a spot on a team for the fall and winter seasons.  Playing basketball year-round is an excellent option for athletes who consider basketball their primary sport and want to compete at the highest level.  Players that choose to play on a Fever team throughout the year will enjoy greater consistency with teammates and coaches, and see the greatest amount of development.
  • The option to play basketball during the spring/summer season only.  Some players may tryout in March and play only during the summer season.   This option is good for athletes that want to compete at the highest level over the summer, but may play another competitive sport during the fall.
  • The option to play basketball during the fall and winter seasons.  All players who are invited to play on a summer Fever team will be asked to compete for a spot on a fall/winter team.  Teams will be formed in August that will compete during the fall and winter seasons.  If there are openings on Fever teams at the conclusion after the fall season, the openings may be filled at our November tryouts.  Additional Fever teams  may be formed in September or November for the fall and winter seasons as well.  This is a great option for players committed to competitive baseball or soccer teams during the summer, but want to play a longer basketball season and compete at a very high level.
  • The option to play during the "traditional" winter season only. Additional teams may be organized for the winter season.   This option is great for athletes who play multiple sports competitively and want to play on a competitive team during the winter season only.
Team Tryouts # of Practices # of Games Plays Spring/Summer Season Plays Fall/Winter Season Plays Winter Season Only
Program Comparison



March & August/September 75-90 Min. of 53  Yes Yes N/A


fall & winter

August/September 43-55 Min. of 27 No Yes N/A


winter only

October/November* Min. of 20 Min. of 14 No No Yes

* October/November tryouts are only offered if spots are available on a team and/or there is demand for additional teams to be formed.

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